SexPolice_photoWhat’s your band called?

Sex Police

Who’s in the band and what do they play?

Alexis Ford, bass, drum & vocals

When and how did you become a band?


How did you decide on your band name?

One day I was discussing STIs with a best friend.  They were in an unfortunate situation where they thought they had some form of herpes and were trying to get it diagnosed. I was encouraging them not to freak out and somewhere along the line I said “Hey, you can tell me everything I’m not the sex police” The phrase just resonated with me and I decided to call my project that.

You’re playing BFF Fest!  Thank you!  Any goals for the day?

I want to watch all the bands, get inspired and feel really good about my musical community.

What do you want everyone to know about your band?

When I think of what punk rock means to me, it’s about challenging the audience. It’s about bringing up the most difficult topics and addressing them through music. I swear a lot and say some things that might be scary on topics that polite society prefers not to discuss.

Any other comments/shout outs?

Thanks so so much for everyone who put this fest together, it’s the best lineup I’ve seen locally for, well, forever. Thanks to all the bands who are participating, cuz I know it’s going to be awesome.