On Sunday, March 15, we’re presenting our friends from Brooklyn, ADVAETA, along with Real Ghosts, River Spirit, and Diskette at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck. DON’T MISS IT!
What’s your band called?
Who’s in the band and what do they play?
Lani – drums & vocals
Amanda – guitar & vocals
Sara – guitar & vocals

When and how did you become a band?

Sara: In summer 2008 three powerful industry execs put on a massive search for the most talented hair styles on child gymnasts in the 90s. Here we are 6 1/2 years later, the most relatable s&m disco doo wop group in Prussia.

Nah we met in NYC as teens and decided to start a band!!!
Lani: Sara and I went to high school together where we both sported pink hair. I think this means we were destined to be in a band together.  Amanda and I swear to have met each other but can’t remember- I blame it on being stoned all the time as a teen.

About 6 years ago, Sara and Amanda had been noodling on their guitars together and one day decided they needed a drummer. That night they ran into me at a bar and that was it!

Amanda: Destiny
How did you decide on your band name?
Sara: Feelings from the core, sounds that feel visceral
Lani: Our band name feels right. It’s great to be reminded of spirituality every time we come to practice.
Amanda: We were going for cross pollination of the eastern and western worlds. Advaita being the sanskrit word for nonduality, “ae” representing Latin.
Can you describe your music?
Sara: Washing melody, hanging noise to dry in the breeze
Lani: A wave of energy building up and crashing into the water.
Amanda: Diamondkrust
What bands (or other) are your influences/inspiration?
Sara: right now listening to a lot of savages, black angels, moon duo, widowspeak, panda bear, Brian Jonestown massacre, David Bowie, all the motown classics on the oldies station
Lani: Im hugely inspired by Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Joy Division, moon duo,  no joy, panda bear,  Faust,  beth israel, a place to bury strangers, psychic ills,  black angels,  lorelle meets the obsolete, and honestly this list could go on forever. I listen to a lot of music 🙂
Amanda:  Les Rallizes Denudes, Spacemen 3, The Electronic Hole, Neon Blud, Glenn Branca/Theoretical Girls, Broadcast, The Beatles, The Tibetan Book of The Dead, Psychedelics

Who are your favorite Detroit bands?
Sara: Looking forward to collecting some!!
Lani: Vness Wolfchild! jamaican queens 🙂 And oh man house music mmhm
Amanda: Vness Wolfchild, Wolf Eyes, The Stooges, The Gories
Anything else you want everyone to know about your band?
Sara: We’re bald 🙂
Lani: Blue lipstick
Amanda: for sure —-> cotton candy rainbow sphere blood witch pyroph