Wild Bore will be joing Casual Sweetheart, Cheerleader and Dear Darkness  at The Painted Lady Lounge in Hamtramck on Saturday, April 25. Wild Bore is: Emily on guitar/vox, Carly Sioux, drums/vox, and Dani Read bass/vox. Em plays a Fender Tele, loves overdrive pedals, and has a sick scream. Carly will beat the hell out of any kit she gets behind and may emerge bloody and bruised. Dani plays plays Lola, her beloved Japanese Fender P bass with flat wound strings, and prefers a tone we describe as “brontosaurus bass.” 

Wild Bore 2015 Tour_ Harriet Roberts
photo: Harriet Roberts


When and how did you become a band?

Dani moved back to NYC in late 2013 after moving around a bit and asked Carly to start a band with her. It was an ambitious idea since Dani had taken a few years off from making music, Carly had only played drums a few times, and we didn’t have a guitarist in mind. But the stars aligned when Carly met Emily at a party a few weeks later. We booked an hourly studio space to feel it out, and wrote a few songs right away.

How did you decide on your band name?

The concept came from an essay written by Carly first published in Quiet Lunch Magazine titled “Bushlick: Brooklyn’s Golden Age.” It began as a critique of the entitlement culture pervasive in Brooklyn–Bushwick specifically–but then evolved to symbolize so much more. It’s a loaded term that calls attention to contradictions in what we say and do, what we believe and how we act, as well as the dual nature of women who are still forced into this rigid Madonna/whore dichotomy. “Everything’s amazing and no one gives a fuck”–that’s the Wild Bore.

Can you describe your music?

Haha not really! Noise-punk is probably the best descriptor we’ve heard/come up with. We definitely have our own sound, but our songs also really differ from one another. We all write, we all sing, and Emily and Carly even switch instruments sometimes, so there is a lot of variety for sure.

What bands (or other things) are your influences/inspiration?Wild-Bore-Three-Roses-Matchless-Jan15(1)

We’re all artists (Carly’s a photographer/filmmaker, Emily is a writer, and Dani is a designer). In NYC, that struggle/lifestyle certainly inspires each of us. There are a few bands we’re all really influenced by like Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, and the Stooges, but we each have our own distinct influences as well. Carly loves no-wave, Emily likes anything with guts, and Dani is a die-hard riot grrrl.

Why come through Detroit?

Carly and Emily have always been curious about Detroit and its art/music scenes, and Dani lived there a while. We’ve all lived in the midwest at some point, and Detroit seemed the perfect place to start it off!

Tell us about your first show.

Our first show was an incredible lineup booked at a venue called Radio Bushwick. We could only think about playing and were telling everyone we knew–then the venue got shut down for noise complaints the night before! Even though we were the new kids on the block and completely untested–we were booked sight unseen–our band pulled some strings and got the show moved to a new venue at the very last minute. Our playing has gotten a lot tighter since then, but as for noise complaints, it was probably for the best–we’ve been the loudest band around since the beginning.

Anything else you want everyone to know about your band?

Wild Bore is first and foremost a band, so listen to our music, come to our shows, and see what you think! But, in a way, it’s also more than a band. We tend to incorporate our work as artists through projected images, spoken word pieces, and our zine, Angry Eyebrows. Wild Bore is about making music, but we try to create a bigger experience for our audience. And we’re totally psyched about this tour.