When and how did you become a band?
I started this band in the summer of 1995 and we played our first show in January of 1996. I was teaching myself to play guitar on the front porch of my then Ferndale home. The first batch of songs were inspired by my trashy neighbors. Those songs proved to be a good base for getting the band off the ground and later became the basis for our first album.

How did you decide on your band name?bz
It was a monumental task trying to come up with something that spoke to the female aspect while also presenting something monstrous, which we felt was an important blend at the time. We struggled with names like Barbisaurus and other ridiculous combinations of femme-monster before settling on Broadzilla. It was the one name that everyone kept circling back to.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from being in a band for 20 years?
A band is like a marriage. It’s like being married to 2 other people, in our case. You have to learn to live with and work out your differences. You have to recognize that decisions should be based on the greater good of the band and not individual preference.

What has been the biggest challenge?
Earning respect. It took a long time for people to respect us as musicians and not look at us as just another novelty act.

As a musician, what are your thoughts on specifically being titled based on your gender (ex:“female musician” or “all-female band”)?
We can never change that we’re female so I don’t have a problem with those kinds of female-based taglines. However, it is important to me that we push aside any preconceived notions or any negative connotations that may come with the “all-female” tagline, with what we bring to the stage. We’re chicks, but we play as good, if not better in some cases, than the dudes!

On this Thursday you’ll be covering L7 for our 90’s covers residency show. What made you want to cover L7?
They’re the greatest all -female rock band ever. Sure everyone will say the Runaways were the first and they were and they’re great, too, but L7 brought something more powerful to the stage, in an era where it was most inspiring to us as aspiring musicians. One of Broadzilla’s first big opening gigs was with L7 and that helped shape who we’ve become as a band. L7 owned the stage, they were raw, they were fierce and they spoke to my generation of women in music.
Gear talk: instruments/pedals/amps
I’m a Gibson/Marshall girl. Been playing the same setup for the last 15 years or so. I play a mid ‘80s Marshall JCM 800 through a Marshall 1960s TV cabinet. I primarily play a ’56 reissue (1988) Gold Top Les Paul, but also have a 1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard and a 1961 SG Junior. For pedals, I’m basic, just a Buddha Wah pedal, a Big Muff Distortion pedal and a tuner!

What’s next for Broadzilla?
Keep feeding the machine. That’s what we’ve done for almost 20 years and the only thing we know how to do!