4. Lucy Cahilllucy cahill
It Smells Like Girl /or/ Candy Necklace for my Halo
Vellum and Ink

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Lucy. I draw femmes fatales, write, and listen to the same mixtape over and over.

When did you first start making art?
I’ve been drawing since I could wrap my fist around a crayon. But the whole obsession with the idea of femininity and drawing bad babes came from reading ARCHIE COMICS when I was younger. Even though Betty and Veronica weren’t exactly the epitome of feminism, I admired Veronica’s sassy, confident side; I always thought they were both hypnotized by the patriarchy, but AT LEAST VERONICA LOVED HERSELF.

When you think of the word riot what comes to mind?
Being BAD, bad in the sense that you are doing something that goes against the norm, something that breaks the rules of respectability. So really, “bad” in a socially constructed way. “Bad” as something for the outsider to strive for!

What drew inspiration for the artwork for this show?
I actually had this piece half done before I found out about the show! But I felt like it fit well. Believe it or not, birth control is still super subversive, and I’m not talking just about right-wing politics. Young women are still taught, by their parents, peers, teachers, that being on birth control makes you a slut. And I’m taking that back in this piece. And making it fun! There’s room in the broad spectrum of feminism for celebrating what’s fun about being girly- and I feel like enjoying “girliness,” as a feminist, is subversive sometimes in and of itself.

What are some artists or musicians that you admire?
I’m big on Justin Hager, Sophie McMahan, and Grace Rother right now, in terms of illustrators. As far as music: anything Izzy Johnson does. Rebel Kind is dope! Mountain Man. Just discovered Cold Beat. Irma Thomas- old school R&B. Tom Tom Club. And you could put “Funnel of Love” by Wanda Jackson on repeat for hours any day of the week and I’d be happy.