Who’s in the band and what do they play?

Aran Ruth: goat guitar, vocals

Kelly Jean Caldwell: flute, vocals

John Szmanski: synthesizer

Jeff Fournier: bass guitar

Bill Hafer: drums

When and how did you become a band? 

At a party when Aran and Kelly read a spell together from a 70s witch book while listening to KISS’s destroyer album.

How did you decide on your band name? 

It came to us in a vision

Tell us about your first show. 

Our first show was at the lager house we were really stoned and giggly.

Can you describe your music? 

Heavy psych witch riff rock flute metal

What bands (or other things) are your influences/inspiration? 

KISS, Sabbath, ELP, NWOBHM, The Horned One, The Greene Man

Gear talk: instruments/pedals/amps 

Big puff, flute bender, bass fuzzer, candle

Who are your favorite local bands? 

Timmy’s Organism, Blacker Magic

What do you want everyone to know about your band? 

We walk alone in lands between, with masks of gold, nights own wards & fires of the day, &tc &tc

Any other comments/shout outs?

By the flame that burneth bright, o horn’d one!

We call thy name into the night, o ancient one!