Who’s in the band and what do they play?11295717_1595503677356482_829447193253107889_n
I’m playing a solo set on guitar with some vocals and just go under my name.

When and how did you become a performer?
Been playing guitar for about 7 years and been writing songs since.

Tell us about your first show.
My first show was in a coffee shop in Mount Pleasant MI in 2009 or so . I played an acoustic set with my friend Adam Marth.

Can you describe your music?
One way my music could be described is meditative guitar zones.

What bands (or other things) are your influences/inspiration?
Everything influences me in one way or another. I like to go outside.

Gear talk: instruments/pedals/amps
I play an Ibanez jet king guitar , use phaser and delay and play out of a Fender deville 4×10 . My BFF Mark , who I work with at this biodynamic farm in Ann Arbor generously gave me the guitar and phaser pedal. Mark rules.

Who are your favorite Detroit bands?FINAL_BFF_Poster_8.5x11
So many great bands out of Detroit and they just keep coming . Bonny Doon and Real Ghosts are solid and probably a bunch others I haven’t heard yet.

Any other comments/shout outs?
Thanks all involved with the Seraphine Collective for making so many cool things happen .