9. Augusta Morrisontumblr_inline_mxt9ytw2HM1qao5qq
#We are Pussy Riot
Oil paint on paper, collograph print
24”x 24”

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Augusta Morrison. I am the Education Associate at MOCAD and an arts organizer. I play music in the band Double Winter and also play improvisational noise music under the name Bigga Bite.

When did you first start making art?
On the beach in Massachusetts in a mystical land called Roxaboxin.

When you think of the word riot what comes to mind?
Arms up in peaceful protest in expression of retaliation of the fucked up system we have to operate in.

What drew inspiration for the artwork for this show?
I am a huge Pussy Riot fan and when all the shit went down around them their artistic and personal expression in Russia, I felt compelled to do something. I was in Europe at the time studying art. The Europeans news and media were all over the story. When I came back to America no one knew what I was talking about. I started doing a lot of guerilla art and performances at Michigan State University and in Detroit. naturally I became an advocate for them and recruited friends, students, professors, organizations to help spread the work. It was fun, educational, and I brought a I felt a part of the Pussy Riot Movement.

What are some artists or musicians that you admire?
Laurie Anderson is one of my all time favorites because of her use of technology and visuals. She also plays the violin and that’s my main instrument. I am pretty into the Girls Against God- a New Feminist Arts Magazine spearheaded by Bianca Casady of CocoRosie & artist Anne Sherwood Pundyk. They host these Wolf Moon Gathering at MOMA PS1 that i am dieing to go to. I want to bring them to Detroit. THe first issue alone features contributors such as Antony, Gabby Bess, Melanie Bonajo, Vaginal Davis, Yasmine Hamdan, Emely Neu, Kembra Pfahler, Marguerite Stern, Alexyss K. Tylor; and contributions from Johanna Constantine, Mary Hanlon, Julie Higonnet, Molly O’Brien, Chloe Olewitz, Alice O’Malley, Kara L. Rooney, and Jean Marc Ruellan.