Autumn WetliIMG_1615
Deconstructed Slits
Acrylic, watercolor, marker

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Autumn Wetli. I play in Rebel Kind and live/work in Ann Arbor

When did you first start making art?
I’ve always doodled and enjoyed crafts and things like that since I was real little. I got more seriously into art when I was in the 9th grade.

When you think of the word riot what comes to mind?
The world riot calls to my mind the act of deviating from the normal traditions society imposes/holds for us. It can be a mass, physically, outward upheaval, but also a quiet and internal dialogue.

What drew inspiration for the artwork for this show?
I was specifically thinking of “riot” in terms of music and when I initially came up with this idea I had recently finished Viv Albertine’s book and Typical Girls. I was very much on a Slits kick and have been doing these deconstructed drawings/paintings recently of pop culture cartoon images, so decided to try and incorporate the two together.

What are some artists or musicians that you admire?
Obviously the Slits! I’m influenced by so many different artist and bands and their direct influence ebbs and flows at various points in my life. Cat Power was a big deal to me when I was a teenager and she was the first musician I heard that made me feel like I could write a song. I recently saw the Kahlo/Rivera exhibit at the DIA and came out really inspired by Frida.