TOPS will be playing this Saturday, August 1st at TIRES 6541 E Lafayfette St., Detroit. Tickets are available at UHF, Found Sound and Hello Records in Detroit.  Presented by Arbutus & Tires.
Who’s in the band and what do they play?

I’m Jane and I sing in the band. David plays guitar and we write the songs together with Riley, the drummer. Alana plays bass in the live band, this is her first show with TOPS in Detroit, I think she’ll have a great time.

What is your connection with the Detroit music scene?

One of the first shows we ever played was a fourth of July bbq at Nancy Whiskey’s. That was fun, people set of fire works in the parking lot and the marching band came at one point. Our shows in Detroit have always been fun, and we’ve had a chance to play fun house parties and warehouse shows which were great. I met Ryan and the guys in Jamaican Queens a ways back, when they played a show in Montreal and they’ve always made sure we have a great time when we’re there.

You have played a few times here… can you tell us about one of your favorite shows?

The last time we were in town we played at this UFO place and then another show at tires later on. That night was super fun. Basically every time I’ve played in Detroit I’ve had a good time.

Who are some of your influences musically?

I’ve been listening to records lately, I finally got a record player! There’s an Ann Peebles record I’ve been playing a lot, George McRae, and this Tami Lynn record, Love Is Here And Now You’re Gone. Also I got a Heart record, it’s great sing a long music.

What is the process like for you in terms of writing lyrics and coming up with the layers of sounds?

I spend time writing and also a lot of time playing my organ or a synth or the guitar. When I write songs I sing over parts, lots of times David plays guitar and I sing over it, we come up with stuff. I guess the production aspects, like cool sounds, usually come at the end when we’re recording, I like to make synth sounds and often we’ll use those.

Can you describe your musical and fashion style in a haiku poem?

Smiling Freckled Girl, Sang And Cried For Me Today, Don’t Forget Plain Shirt

Do you ever cook food together? What’s a typical meal in the life of TOPS?

We cook when we’re at home, so not together that often but we eat at a lot of restaurants when we tour. Lots of diners, Mexican Food and like weird meals.

Your North American Tour looks sick, what shows, cities, or bands are you excited to see play, visit…?

I’m highly anticipating the whole thing. Molly will be cool and we’ll have some new songs to play 🙂

What else do you want us to know about you?

Just that I hope everyone comes to tires this Saturday, we’re excited to be back in Detroit. Also, David will be sporting a new tattoo with his fav lyrics from uptown funk.