Who’s in the band and what do they play?10408647_478916782280591_1454528427252278244_n
Kyle – Drums and Guitar
Niobe – Bass and Drums
Ryan – Guitar and Bass

Describe your sound/style in 5 words or less.
Beachy Goth Punk

Members switch instruments. Why?
We switch instruments sometimes while writing songs at practice, we feel as though this adds dimension to our setlist and diversifies our sound even if it’s a subtle change. All of our songs are written together and sometimes a set of lyrics written by one person will be sung by another, and same with instrumentation.

What do you think your band specifically contributes to the local scene?
We hope that we contribute another cool sound to pleasure peoples ears, we’re not looking to be role models (even though we are cool) but we hope to relate and connect to people with our lyrics that are grounded in personal experience.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Detroit band?
We love the sense of community, often a large portion of the audience at any show is also in a band trying to find new sounds and new interests. Playing in Detroit you realize how many of your friends (and soon to be friends) support you and are excited to work with you.

Poster by Kyle

Do you have any memorable stories from attending previous Hamtramck Music Fests?
Hamtramck Music Festival has always been a weekend to look forward to, we have all spent some very long nights at HMF.

What’s in the future for AM People?
To rule the world, and record our first album after Niobe’s foot feels better!!

What time do you normally wake up? …just checking if you’re really AM people.
It depends on the previous night, and if any of us actually make it to bed before the morning. Kyle tries to be up at 8:30 but realistically its like 11 if she doesn’t have work. But there is no better reason to get up than bagels and coffee, we live for bagels and coffee.

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