MagicPerm 2Band Name:

Where are you from?

Who’s in the band and what do they play?
Parker – Guitar/Beats
Sydney – Synth/Vocals
Rachel – Bass

When and how did you become a band?
In 2011! We lived in the same residence together at university and would congregate around a common piano and sing Joni Mitchell and Justin Beiber covers. We’ve been playing music together in various configurations ever since. We started MagicPerm in the summer of 2014.

How did you decide on your band name?
We were sitting in a parking lot when Rachel said something about a magic perm, which unlike your run-of-the-mill perm is a totally straight hairdo. Parker and Sydney looked at each other and said “MagicPerm?! Band name?!”. It was supposed to be temporary but it stuck.

Can you describe your music?
Plushcore, lo-fi, synth pop.

What bands, musicians (or other things) are your influences/inspiration?
Pigeons, clouds, squiggly things and awkward dancing.

CaptureDo you have any special rituals to prepare for a show?
Nothing in particular. We all just kind of approach our instruments and stare at each other. Sometimes we remember to tune beforehand.

How did you get into making music?
We all did classical music as kids and wanted to keep playing, but in a less formal setting. Making music was also a great excuse to hang out with each other.

Tell us about your first show.
V awkward – Parker couldn’t really play guitar, our beats sounded bad, and we didn’t look into the audience once. We’ve improved on these things.

Does your gender identity/presentation influence your music? Has it presented any issues for you?
We’re all kinda girly IRL, but we’re also kind of like little boys enjoying fart jokes and being the silliest. This silliness definitely makes its way into the music. But seriously, as none of us are cis-white-dudes (know of em?) we have to work a little harder to be taken seriously, and to carve out space for us to perform around town.

Gear talk! Tell us about your instruments/pedals/amps/drum set!
Guitar & a multi-effect pedal, bass, Yamaha DX-7 Synth, and a Roland SP404SX sampler for the beats.

12513746_925137224273751_8270562691412156584_oWhat is your favorite way to unwind?
Eating a burrito

What do you want everyone to know about your band?
We’re just three pigeon enthusiasts trying to make some smiles, facilitate some squiggly dancing, and create some sunny times in this big scary world.