546449_302335096517882_1311376505_n DJ Amy Dreamcatcher, Where are you from?
Grew up in Sterling Heights and now a Detroit Resident for six years

When did you start DJing?
June 2010.

How did you decide on your DJ moniker?
I had moved from Los Angeles back to Detroit in 2008. On my travels through New Mexico, Arizona, Texas etc I had to have a dreamcatcher keychain. Like HAD to have it. A few months later I was outside of Lager House and met, who would become my bff’s, Erin Ellis and JD Decker, because we had a conversation over the keychain and how they had made a giant dreamcatcher to put on the Russell Industrial.  When I decided to DJ, JD had me in her phone as Amy Dreamcatcher and it made the most sense to call myself this!

Can you describe your style?
Hip Hop. 90s dance. New Wave. Pop.

Tell us about your first show.
In 2009 I was invited to 14 weddings. I realized that a)I wasn’t in a place at 30 years old to be married and b) DJing was something I had wanted to do but didn’t know how. My neighbor/friend/amazing DJ Drew Pompa and I share the same birthday. We talked about throwing a party together and that I would debut my skills. I think I practiced for five months for an hour set with transitions and basic beat matching. June 18, 2010 I played my first set of a highly curated playlist. I had played the exact hour but the next band needed more time. I remember asking Drew, what do I do? He says play another song (something I wasn’t prepared for), panicking I remember finding another song that worked and feeling the confidence that I could do it. I haven’t practiced really since but have learned on the fly!!! haha

Gear talk! Tell us about your set up.
I use two Technics 1200s and a Pioneer DJM-250 mixer

What bands, musicians, performers, DJs (or other things) are your influences/inspiration
Super inspired by Salt n Peppa, Le Tigre, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, and Madonna.

I love DJ Thornstryker (Emily Thornhill)! She also has really influenced me in growing my skills and her passion for playing is contagious!!

giphyDo you have any special rituals to prepare for a show?
If I can be by myself for a couple of hours ahead of time I can be more present when I play and can be more open to see and receive people and what they are into as we play.

Does your gender identity/presentation influence your music? Has it presented any issues for you?
In the beginning dudes would want to say “Lady DJ” to share that ‘hey look there are ladies on the bill’ and I hated that. It never says “all male djs” when they play and I didn’t want my gender to be the reason you came and say me (and often my DJ partner, Lady Fantastic) perform. Come to the show because you like what I play rather than because I am a woman. Oh….at weddings a lot of folks uncles will come up to us and say, “LADIES! With VINYL?”….that is always annoying. They are shocked we know what vinyl is and that as women we know how to use them!

What do you think about Detroit’s music scene? Who are your favorite Detroit bands/performers/DJs?
What I loved about starting DJing was that Detroit made it possible. People were SO supportive as we were starting and getting our chops. The our is because I play with my bud Sara more often than I play solo. We really wanted to support women who were also playing!

I love Flint Eastwood. What Jax does on the stage I think is really amazing. That girl is so talented.

Tuende is an insane performer as well. His jams plus the performance is out of this world.

227324_111071308977596_2126474_nWhat is your favorite song right now?
Beyonce “Freedom” with Kendrick Lamar

What is your favorite way to unwind?
Make dinner, glass of wine, hang out on my roof with my three best friends (we do everything together).

What do you want everyone to know about you and your shows?
I do a monthly with Sara Aldridge! We throw a monthly (the second Saturday) at the Old Miami called Nothing Elegant! We are just about to hit our five year Anniversary in August! It’s a great night to let go, sing Whitney Houston, sweat out the week, get grimey on the dance floor, and have fun! It is always a good time and we love love love to play!!!