13840485_10208191731725240_2030359890_oWho’s in the band and what do they play?
Kyle plays drums, guitar and vocals.
Niobe plays bass, drums and vocals.
Ryan plays guitar, bass and vocals.

When and how did you become a band?
Kyle: Ryan and I worked together and would often talk about making music, we always got along so we figured we should just meet up and play something. Niobe and I would see each other out at shows and one night we decided we should start a band. All of us were mutual friends so we decided to just combine all three of us. The first time we all played together was last summer. At our first practice we wrote a couple songs and fell in love with what could be so we decided to continue writing until we had enough songs to play a show.

How did you decide on your band name?
Kyle: Well we went through a couple names that were already taken, and passed on a couple that should never be band names. We landed on AM People for a couple reasons: we love breakfast foods and coffee, we love AM 580, and a lot of our songs are about mourning people and past relationships.

Can you describe your music?
Kyle: We have been described as beachy goth punk. Somewhat upbeat melodies coupled with sad lyrics.

What bands, musicians (or other things) are your influences/inspiration?
Kyle: I like all sorts of bands, music, and genres. It’s always hard for me to pin point what influences me. I typically go for artists that have really honest lyrics. From any genre. I think that comes through when I write songs.
Ryan: The Breeders and early of Montreal.

Do you have any special rituals to prepare for a show?
Bagels and coffee

How did you get into making music? Tell us about your first show.
Kyle: I got into making music because I just wanted to. I always had songs in my head that I couldn’t find on the Internet, so I started writing songs. Our first show was at UFO and was nerve racking but a lot of fun. It was less stressful because all of us had performed in our lives before that (Kyle: T Tops, Niobe: The Potatoes, Ryan: Stellar Clouds). It still gave me jitters, but I was way more comfortable on stage then my first actual show I played.

Does your gender identity/presentation influence your music? Has it presented any issues for you?
We identify as people. A lot of our songs are written by and in the perspective of the opposite gender that sings the lyrics this way the subject becomes vague and fluid, and anyone can find the meaning they need.

Gear talk! Tell us about your instruments/pedals/amps/drum set!
Kyle: My snare drum was Scott Dunkerleys that he “loaned” to me. My snare stand (from what I can remember) is Johnny ills…? Maybe? My floor Tom is part of a not so full kit I bought off of my friend Adam. This is why I play on a limited drum set, because it’s just mooched off of my friends for the most part. Niobe plays on a Fender bass through a sweet amp gifted by the great Josh Brooks, and Ryan plays on a Tornado (thanks Billy!) through a Univox amp.

Who are your favorite Detroit musicians/bands?
Kyle: I’m a fan of the brothels, cheerleader (they’re from flint), the frustrations, Fontana, blood stone, bonny doon, prude boys, feelings, etc. the list goes on for days. I love a lot of local bands because I think all of the sounds are different from each other.

What is your favorite song right now?
Kyle: I’ll list the 3 songs I play on repeat:
Way Too Much – wavves
Just Sayin – the Internet
Blue Denim – Stevie Nicks

What is your favorite way to unwind?
Netflix and chill by myself.