Stef 4 second editWho’s in the band and what do they play?
I play guitar and sing. Clancy thumps the tubs. Shelley Salant on bass right now.

When and how did you become a band?
I’ve been a band since 2008 playing solo and backed by friends. Clancy and I started playing together September 20th, 2014 according to Instagram.

How did you decide on your band name?
It was pretty easy to come up with because I was born with it!

Can you describe your music?
Grunge Pop

What bands, musicians (or other things) are your influences/inspiration?
Cat Power, Liz Phair, Elliott Smith, Modest Mouse, Meredith Brooks, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Nico, Hole, Babes in Toyland, Interpol, Bikini Kill, Tegan and Sara, Car Seat Headrest, Le Tigre, Edie Brickell

Do you have any special rituals to prepare for a show?
Try to remember the merch, go to the venue, realize I forgot the merch, drive back to Hamtramck to get it then drive back to the venue.

How did you get into making music?
I learned to play Everclear’s hit single “Santa Monica” when I was 13 on the guitar. I wrote some songs when I was 14 and I remember my 20 year old cousin saying they were “really good”. They aren’t recorded so who knows, they probably sucked. My cousin was/is a singer songwriter who plays under his name: Jamie Chura. I think he was a big influence on me at a young age. That and my dad’s record collection. I grew up in northern Michigan. It was isolating and there wasn’t a music scene there while I was in high school. I did some coffee shop stuff when I was a senior with my friend Austin on lead guitar (we both played acoustic). We also played the talent show our senior year and won third place, which included a $15 gift certificate to McDonald’s. First place was a band playing an instrumental cover of Crazy Train.

Tell us about your first show.
My first show downstate I played in an attic in Ypsi with Jim Cherewick in spring of 2008. I think Dina was there. I played acoustic guitar and Amber Fellows played glockenspiel. Who else was at this show? I barely remember it. The lighting was nice. In Alpena I played with Austin Hill at Art in the Loft in Alpena opening for Mason Proper in 2007. Our band was called The Ground. We did a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Speed Trials” as well as a few originals… I also played in a band when I was 16 that never played out called Burning Bush. It was all women. 2 of them were sisters. The drummer was good. I only sang in that band. We had an original song I had written lyrics to about losing my virginity called Greeness and we covered The Pixies-Where is my Mind and Nirvana-Aneurysm.

Does your gender identity/presentation influence your music? Has it presented any issues for you?
I think it does in a lot of subtle ways that I don’t even take into consideration. I am not sure that it’s presented any issues. If I am playing with Clancy (who is a dude) sometimes the sound guy will go and ask him all the questions. Which I think is annoying. But I run sound for the 3 karaoke nights that I host in town and to be honest those present a TON of issues with men trying to help or make suggestions that are not only unwanted but that person clearly has NO idea what they are talking about. I find this very irritating. Please don’t offer me unwanted help with the sound at a karaoke night.

Gear talk! Tell us about your instruments/pedals/amps/drum set!
I play this mustang that is actually a sonic duo neck from 65 and a mustang body from 67. Every show I play some dude comes up to me and asks me about my guitar afterwards. I will check back in and let you know if this happens at BFF fest 😉 I also recently purchased a 67 super reverb amp. Which is an amazing and dreamy amp!!! I have an OCD overdrive pedal and this gold “pitchblack” tuner that people always want to know about but alas, it’s just for tuning.

Who are your favorite Detroit musicians/bands?
Oh boy!! Recommended listening would be Casual Sweetheart – Always/Never, Double Winter’s new EP-Watching Eye, MARKET!!! This band is amazing:, Anna Burch, Drinkard Sisters, Craig Brown Band…Check out anything on Palm Tapes! Prude Boys, Daisys… I could go on.

What is your favorite song right now?
Kind of obsessed with Alex G’s album “Beach Music” right now. The song “Brite Boy” got me hooked!

What is your favorite way to unwind?
Crying in the car alone wondering why.

What do you want everyone to know about your band?
We are looking for a more permanent bass player who can tour! Preferably a woman and someone who can sing backups! Please hit me up on facebook if you are interested!!! We have some really exciting stuff coming up. // //