junk food junkies 2When and how did you become a band?
I think the real moment we became a band was when we had math class together at a community college and probably would have rather done anything else than be there. We made frequent trips to the vending machines and came up with the name for the band on a sugar high. Adrian could kind of play a guitar and Julia could sing along with the songs she wrote. We played the songs jokingly for our friends and family, until it turned into band that performed at venues.

Do you have any special rituals to prepare for a show?
I think our favorite ritual before shows has always been nervous peeing…and then nervous car drinking, then nervous peeing again.. but also getting a lot of candy to throw at our friends watching us. If possible, a taco bell run.

Tell us about your first show.
Our first show was a house show. Julia played a shaker full of M&Ms as an instrument and Adrian played her plug in acoustic covered in Lisa Frank stickers. We sang together in our bedroom rehearsed songs to a basement full of cool people drinking 40oz with BK crown halos on our heads. It was horrifying and amazing. A friend filmed it. It’s actually still on YouTube. We were babies!

junk food junkies 1Who are your favorite Detroit musicians/bands?
There are so many local musicians that inspire us. To name a few, we both love Kickstand Band, Deadbeat Beat, YUM, Little Animal and DUANE.

What is your favorite way to unwind?
We enjoy relaxing at Belle Isle, kicking back with a Slurpee or a couple tall boys at the beach. Thrifting together. Watching prairie dogs at the zoo. Eating late night coney. Making puppets.