BFF (Best Fest Forever) Fest is now on its 4th year and is an all-ages, inclusive summer music festival in Detroit created to highlight, celebrate, and promote the talents of Michigan’s diverse community of musicians and artists.  It also features a series of workshops the are free and open to all attendees.


By prioritizing the participation of women, people of color and LGBTQA performers, BFF Fest strives to be progressive, modern, and thoughtful in the curation of its lineup, fostering consciousness toward building a stronger, more supportive, and more diverse and balanced cultural scene in Detroit and the Midwest.

BFF Fest is a SAFE SPACE and a supportive environment free from any discrimination or oppressive actions of any kind. Keep it cool, kids.

We hope you’ll come hang out, listen to great music, learn something new, support your friends, and ideally leave inspired to form your own band, make your own art, and organize your own shows and festivals.

BFF Fest loves change and growth. Please let us know how we can improve the festival and feel free to send us band/artist suggestions for next year! Contact us here:

BFF 2 & BFF 3 were kindly sponsored by Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs.

BFF Fest is a fundraiser for Seraphine Collective, an inclusive, supportive and active community of female-identified musicians and artists designed to foster creative expression and camaraderie among feminists in Detroit.

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