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Beat Match Brunch

Beat Match Brunch Photos

Seraphine DJs Ozi Uduma and Tammy Lakkis just wrapped up teaching our third Beat Match Brunch cohort at Submerge Records! The class of 12 women and non-binary identifying humans learned the basics of handling vinyl, beatmatching and using DJ equipment.... Continue Reading →

Our Beat Match curriculum, developed by the beloved Mother Cyborg, is now available for purchase on the Allied Media Projects website. This zine will teach you the fundamentals of identifying BPMs, handling records, equipment setup and beatmatching.

Apply for Beat Match Brunch 2019!

This fall, Seraphine Collective members will teach 12 women and non-binary identified humans the basics of DJing! This is a beginners course, part of a series of DJ classes hosted by the Seraphine Collective. We will start with the fundamentals:... Continue Reading →

Slice Presents: Black History Month

Beatmatch Brunch & friends hosted a night of music, joy, dancing, pizza and love. Titled Slice, the bimonthly event was launched in collaboration with Southwest Detroit’s Pizzaplex bar and restaurant. The night started with open tables for the community and... Continue Reading →

Beatmatch Brunch – Fall 17’ Graduates

This fall Mother Cyborg taught 16 women, femmes, and non-binary humans the basics of DJing! This is part of a series of DJ classes hosted by the Seraphine Collective. This workshop starts with the fundamentals: handling vinyl, understanding and identifying... Continue Reading →

Applications for our Beat Match Brunch DJ Workshop Program opened at BFF Fest this weekend, but you can apply online through September 1st. The workshops are open to women, femmes, and non-binary folx in the Detroit area who want to... Continue Reading →

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