10313178_10152633893795921_2174921029643209606_nWhat’s your band called?

Casual Sweetheart

Who’s in the band and what do they play?

Dina Bankole – drums, vocals
Lauren Harroun – bass, vocals
Erin Norris – guitar, vocals

When and how did you become a band?

We formed at the end of Winter 2012 after Erin placed an ad on a feminist group looking for other women to play with. Lauren was brand new to the bass but MaryAnn and Erin had former band experience, although no one knew each other. Six months into playing MaryAnn moved to Lexington, Kentucky. While we made the distance work for a while it became too big of an obstacle and music veteran Dina Bankole was asked to join.

How did you decide on your name?

After signing up for our first show we still needed a name. There were many ideas thrown back and forth until unanimously it was decided to take the name of the first song we wrote together Casual Sweetheart.

You’re playing BFF Fest! Thank you! Any goals for the day?

Everyone in the band is part of the Seraphine Collective so we’re looking forward to creating an amazing environment for all participants (where nothing breaks) and playing a great show.


What do you want everyone to know about your band?

We’d like to thank our former bandmate MaryAnn for being an integral part of developing Casual Sweetheart’s sound and we’re also super excited to have this particular festival be our first show with Dina. It was a successful first year but we’re chomping at the bit to do more.

Any other comments/shout outs?

Please encourage/support other female musicians, specifically we want to see more girls in basements/garages finding themselves and their voices through music/instruments.